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Shleb's Boredom!!!!!


Ok well basically I finally figured out how to make myself a second page. So here you go, all the wedding pictures on one page. Basically they're in semi order progressing through the weekend. No! I was not getting married. And if y'all thought that I'd really have to be scared. I'd think my friends knew me better than that. ;) The pictures are from my dad's wedding last June. ;)

Bridesmaid's Luncheon #1 Bridesmaid's Luncheon #2 - Here's two pictures from the Bridesmaid's Luncheon. Obviously since that's what they're titled. Cate just looks so cute. And the other picture is just the best group shot of any of the tables.

The Manly Men - My dad and two of his buddies at the rehearsal dinner. Dad's on the far left. :) I guess the pool was just to inviting. Maybe they're prepping for the bachelor party later on. They went out to the lake. I guess a pool's a kiddie lake. ;)

Rehearsal Dinner - Typical me, sprawled out unmoving, chatting. :-D

Hair Dressing - Before and after...sorta. Cate's hair is of course just a bit longer than KC's, but you get the idea. ;)

Pre-Wedding - Well after the major hair involvement, we all sprawled out to wait for the wedding hour to approach. Flipping through French books seemed like a good idea.

Sisters - Me, KC, and Caitlin. We were all bridesmaids for my dad's wedding last June. Aren't they gorgeous?

Cake - My dad and my new stepmom Kathleen with the ritual cake sharing. ;) At least they were nice to each other.

Elizabeth and Me Elizabeth and Me #2 Elizabeth and Me #3 - Me and my new cousin Elizabeth. I loved our garlands. They were such a great touch for the reception. The flowers were so beautiful.

Cate - My little sister Caitlin. Sweetest girl in the world. Love her dearly!

KC - My sister KC. The middle child. What can I say, she's awesome and goregeous.

The Trio - My stepmom, myself, and my dad. Not really sure what happened to my father's head though. Hmmm.

The Limo #1 The Limo #2 The Limo #3 - Well here's a bunch of pictures of all of us in the limo to and from the wedding. First time in a limo. Kinda fun, not that exciting.

Bridesmaids - All the pretty bridesmaids right in a row. :-D Though I don't know why Kath's not smiling.

Hair - Ok there's no real reason to keep this picture up, but damn that was a lot of work that went into all that hair.

Kath and Me - As the caption says, it's a picture of my stepmom and I before the wedding.

Erin and Me - Another of my new cousins. I'm glad I got to know these girls on our trip to France together. They're a lot of fun.

My Sisters - Beautiful and smart. :)

Jay and Me - Another of my new cousins, Jay and I got thrown together a lot at the wedding. He's the youngest of the "adults" and I'm the oldest of the "kids." Not that I minded he's a ton of fun. Poor thing stuck in Hawaii; he's in they navy.